badtrip. wrong timing tlgh!

April 10, 2008

so i woke up with a really really really really really really. did i like say really a thousand times already? well make that a million. i woke up with a friggin pimple on my friggin nose. argh. bwisit! badtrip. everything was so perfect yesterday…almost flawless skin… and all of a sudden, where you least expect it. some shit popped out from your face..bwisit..!. argh.. “”XXnosebleedXX””   (X_X)”….. and i was suppose to meet an old friend today, erika. we were suppose to have our early dinner together. but this friggin pimple makes me really friggin depress. ok ok ok. before anyone comment me. “ang O.A naman toh…” well ok lang sakin lumabas na meron pimple sa nose kung maliit sya. pero yun sakin is like the SIZE OF A FRIGGIN GLOWING RED SHINY TOMATO literally. imagine that. ugh! no camwhoring momment for a week. sad sad sad…..well at least i get to rest my cam diba. good thing den yun…i think? . . .  and after having early dinner with my friend, i am suppose to go to a concert later at night. i can’t belive all because of a stupid tomato size pimple grew on my nose could change all my plans for today….sigh…i hate puberty…except the growing height part. haha….but i still have to face the world later. cause mommy told me that i have to go with her if i don’t have plans for today we’re going to apply visa card…. I’m going to get my visa card today. NAKS VISA CARD! hahha….well sadly i’m going outside with a tomato nose today…. badtrip talagah…. imagine mo if i were to take a headshot of myself.50 percent no, 90 percent, people will be like staring on the friggin nose. kasi super super duper uber uberlicious huge and red and bumpy and shiny and with puss..yuck…imagine squeezing that…ugh..why do i have to mention it…..but writing all this down help me release some depressing momments hahhas…. diba nga sabi nila. share it with the rest para ma labas yun galit mo…hahas…well sana sakin..pag na release ko na lahat…sana ma pasa yun pimple sakanila hahahas…then i’ll be like the happiest person alive…hhaha..corny ko…well what to do! hahhaas…sige next time nalang ulit..


April 7, 2008

in macdonald waiting for friend during last friday

candid pic of my grandmother

and a terrorist killing me hahahas


friday late post.

April 7, 2008

Okay, so we were supposed to meet at Yishun bus interchange by 4.00pm. However, my friends were really really late. they arrived around 5.40pm. I usually would get really really pissed. However, due to the fact that we were going to meet for the very last time before i leave Singapore, i managed to control my anger. Well, we just have to forgive and forget. And i don’t want to leave Singapore with anyone being angry with me or the other way around. Unless, for other Serious reason.

So i met the first few at 5.00pm. We waited for the rest in Macdonald. In the meantime, while waiting, we were camwhoring all the way from 5.00pm to 5.40pm which the rest came and joined. And then we left Macdonald and went to the place we were suppose to go. Which i don’t know where is it.

I was a bit shocked when i found out where we were heading. We were going to have dinner at a COFFEE SHOP! AKA A KOPITIAM!!! ok ok ok. there isn’t any problem eating there.kopitiam is alright. but I TOOK some long time to find the right outfit for that day. and then i noticed all of us were wearing clothes that could pass for a photoshoot.? AND if you could imagine us wearing that to a low class foodcourt. that is just weird and weird. cause i thought we were going to eat in a really nice place like sushi don or crystal jade or thai express. but heck no. i would have just worn clothes that would fit the place that i was going to if i just knew where i was going…… hahhaas. but after i had my first bite on my DELICIOUS FOOD, i forgot about everything. the food was heaven. hahhas. The good thing is, i get to save money .right?

so all we did was have dinner and talked about the past. and discuss things that changes through the years. how this guy turn from macho to gay. how this girl turn geek to freak. how this girl change from nerd to glamorous. and more more. teachers getting fired, hired,retired and dead. haha. and talk about the lozers in school. yea we were quite popular back in school. hahas.i think?

so after eating dinner we went to a nearby mall. finally i could stop sweating. cause the place we went was really hot hot hot. although i know i’m already hot physically and everything. ok ok i should stop being vain. ok so hmm. as i was saying, we went to a nearby mall and we went to the roof garden and chill. we played truth and dare. all of us were really crazy, we had dares like, go a the middle (where people could see he/she  properly) and look up while his hands high up in the air and shouting UFO UFO!!!..haha and then another dare was, which i did, i have to go to the highest spot in that area and shout OWOWOWOWOW!! like a really mad gorilla. and there was a lot more but i’m just too lazy and too tired to describe it. but i tell you its highly hilarious.

so after all this crazy shit stuff we did. all of us were really tired. well not all, except for fau and mul. they camwhored the whole 1 hour plus bus journey. imagine that ! ! !



April 3, 2008

I’m really bored now. Very bored to be precise. There’s nothing to do at home. There’s nothing to do outside either since everyone is either busy working or busy studying or doing their homework. So i couldn’t really ask them out.

But hey, something entertained me. and i didn’t need to go out or buy or do something. Guess what that is? well its all in the brain. This might sounds crazy to you but it works for me. As I look out at my window, i started to imagine the most stupidest or craziest things that couldn’t happen in the “real” world. Okay i’ll give you guys some examples of what I’m actually talking about.

I saw an Old man walking towards a building really slowly. And he was using his walking stick to give him this extra strength in order for him to be able to walk properly. Looking at him carefully, It seems that his around 90 years old with skin discoloration. And there was barely any hair left in his head . And i think his going to die soon.  Then suddenly, he stopped walking, he took his walking stick and flung it airborne. and then he was dancing to the song “YMCA”. He was unbelievably able to stand up real straight while dancing today, which he couldn’t do because he was rather weak and old and his bones are failing on him. And surprisingly he didn’t crank any bones or feel any pain while dancing energetically. Then while he was repeating the YMCA dance move for the third time. He froze on the Letter M and died happily. And he looked like a real idiot frozen on the letter M. – i know right? i was really thinking the most rubbish thing.

Ok then i saw a boy riding a bike. The bike was kind of similar to the movie you may have seen before, E.T . So similar, The bicycle flew up up up in the air like the one in ET. However, the little boy had a rather different experience compared to the show that you have watched. The bicycle was flying UPSIDE DOWN. The little boy was having difficulty gripping to the handle of the bicycle properly in order for him to stay airborne. But his hands slipped from the handles and he fell on a really fat lady. and this Fat lady exploded and all this disgusting puss came out of her budy. you know how you squeeze your pimples and this yellowish sticky think pop out from it. yep it looked somehow similar with that fat lady.

ok there is a lot of crappier stuff that i thought of. which i would not elaborate any more. because its so stupid but it has entertained me for a good 2 hours hahas…


WOW i did it! i beat you jacob! hahas

April 2, 2008

well i tried the game that jacob played. which he stop at lvl 10 hahahs. loser! we’ll its really really difficult. but amazingly after long 12 hours of playing it. I complete 3o very difficult rounds. ok ok i know i died a lot of times. but hey! at least i completed it. right? hahas!

to prove that i won. here is my proof hahas.


and if you want to try it out. here’s the link!


excited na ako

April 2, 2008

well i’m really really excited that school is going to start soon, although i know it is about 1 month and 2 weeks more to go. but heck about that. Time really fly past fast. and don’t tell me you disagree with that. cause i’m very sure it happened to you before dba?

I’m extremely excited talagah. It’s like opening a new chapter in my life. No! a new book pala. kasi. There will be new lovely,hated,bitchy,enemies,bestie characters in it eh. and a whole new type of story going on. i can’t wait to meet new friends. of course my old friends will not be forgotten. memories are always kept close to my heart.  pero. we all will someday be separated and move towards our own direction. so we just have to MOVE ON with life!!! some people hate leaving things that they like because they are already contented with what they have. pero for me. although i’m contented with what i have now, i just want more adventure eh. kaya yun nag move ako sa ibang bansa and study and experience a new lifestyle and etc.

I will finally be living independently in my house in Philippines. I will now need to learn how to cook, wash the dishes, wash the clothes and hang them. and having to go to the market for my groceries every week or twice a week.  And now i need to know how to manage my time well, kasi i need to know when is laundry day and when is this day and when to study and when to blah blah..kasi my parents won’t be there to say. MARK just put your clothes there. kasi wala na mag lalaba para sakin.. or they won’t say. dinner is ready. kasi i have to cook for myself na. tapos no parents to remind you to study. kasi mag isa ka na. kaya you really have to depend on yourself and time yourself properly. its a really new experience for me. But i’m willing to face it. pero sana hindi ma tambak lahat nang gulo sa isang parte nang bahay hahas!!! kasi minsan i’m kinda lazy eh hahas.


pick up lines hahas!

March 31, 2008

1) Keyboard ka ba? Type kita e.

2) Ice ka ba? Crush kita, okay lang?

3) Para kang SM, you’ve got it all!

4) Para kang plema! Di ka kasi maalis sa dibdib ko!

5) May MMDA ba rito? Kasi nagkabanggaan puso natin!

6) Pwede ba kita maging sidecar? Single kasi ako eh…

7) Uy malala na yung sakit ko sa puso, dalawa na lang options ko para gumaling, either ICU or U C me!

8 ) Are you a PS game? Because i hope you’re not TEKKEN!

9) Alien ka ba? Kasi you’re out of this world!

10) Yosi vendor ka ba? Kasi you give me HOPE and MORE!