rainy days

May 2, 2008

Finally, it rained. It hasn’t been raining here for a long time already. However, it was only just for 5 mins. Really selfish weather i presumed. I was hoping it would rain for 3 or 2 hours. But no, just 5 mins. tsk.

Have i told you this before? I really adore rainy days. Not only does it cools the surrounding or the environment, it helped me water all the trees,grass and potted plants that is outside my house. So i don’t really have to do the gardening and stuff.

But not only that, whenever i see rain falling down from the sky, it is ” AS IF ” my problems has been washed away while it is raining. I don’t really have a logical explanation for this. But sometimes my imagination could go wild and crazy that sometimes people might not understand what i’m trying to say. I would imagine if i was a cloud, and problems would come to my life. There would be a heavy pain inside me that wishes to be free, be it angst , emotional problem, problems with friends or any type of problems you could possibly think that could affect one’s life or sometimes even one’s health too. And as this problems kept building up. I, being a cloud would create thunder or lighting to express my anger or problems or hatred. Then when the time comes, i, a cloud, would rain all my problems away, the heavier the rain is, the better and faster i would recover. And then i’m new again. Soon, a rainbow will most likely appear. which significe i’m new, i’m fresh and i’m healed. or etc… i told you my imagination is wild and crazy.

But in reality, we just can’t throw or rain our problems away. Because, in the real world, We have to face it. We have to deal with it, we have to keep away from problems that could form in the future. Everyone has problems, whether big or small, we just have to face it. If we run away from our problems. we will just stack up more problems in the future. So next time, stop doing stuff that could create problems. Like doing bad stuff that you would regret later on. It would be better if you do good and God will repay you ten times fold.

You wouldn’t know, maybe helping a preety girl down the streets with her groceries or whatever, God will give you ten more preety girls for you to help hahahas..i’m kidding…hahahas….

For me, seek first the kingdom of God and then he will do the rest.



  1. seek first in the kingdom of God and all righteousness shall be added unto you pressed down shaken together running over

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Incommensurately.

  3. helping?????? hmmmp

  4. helping , thats kewl!!

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