Robinsons mall

April 22, 2008

oh gosh….its really HOT today….i can’t stand the blazing hot sun rays that is coming from the sun. and as i say it over and over again, you could actually, literally fry an egg anywhere outdoor with that burning sun.

I wasn’t suppose to go anywhere today. However, what happened was, my dad asked me to do something for him which has got to do something with the bank. And because i don’t know the place here very well, i asked my cousin,gladys, to show me where this bank is. if i could recall, this bank is called BDO.

so having all those required documents ready. I left my house and went to my cousin house first. Then i waited for her to finish changing up and then we are ready to go.

As we are about to go inside the bank, the security guard checked my bag and told me if i have my cellphone inside my bag. And i told him no. although i know somewhere in that messy bag of mine, my cellphone is buried somewhere inside covered up by nonsensical stuff. Then he told me that cellphones aren’t allowed inside the bank. Then i was like. HUH? really? why?… so i didn’t really get to know why? but it doesn’t really matter. cause all i want was to go inside that AIR-CONDITIONED ROOM. BECAUSE ITS SO SO SO SO SO HOT!!!

afterwards me and my cousin decided to go to the nearest mall… inside the mall, we go here and there and everywhere..just to past time. so my cousin got so tired , so we rested at this cafe stall located in the middle of somewhere in that mall.

we both ate baked macaroni, and i ordered vanilla frapo supreme. weird name hahas…I miss starbucks’ greentea frapp. i love THAT. add it with java chips. yum yum. And whip cream added with a dash of vanilla and chocolate powder toppings..double triple yum yum. But unfortunately, there isn’t any star bucks in that mall. sad. all the cafe stall are so un-popular.

well at least the seats are comfortable.

so we rested there for 4 hours dahil ma sarap mag tambay dun dahil malamig . . .and dahil nag psp ako di ko na malayanan ang oras.

so after we finished resting, we went to the bookstore. and saw all the books with good prices. so i bought two books that only cost me 100 pesos. so cheap right… that’s like 3.50 Singapore dollars.

Then i saw this book. hahha pero i didn’t buy it alright.

so after nag shopping kami and window shopping and ikot ikot sa mall. we went home na.

and afterwards i took random photos hahas.

AND yea that’s about it that happened to me today,

oh yeah why the pictures are all cameraphone quality,

well i’m too afraid to bring my dslr outside hahahas.


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