my flight

April 20, 2008

well before i left Singapore, i bought my mommy an advance birthday gift. Because i know i won’t be there for her birthday in Singapore. The gift I gave her was a really medium to large size dog soft toy. Its really very adorable and very expencive. Oh and of course i never left out my dad. I bought him an addidas water bottle for him to use when he goes to work. You know, just seeing someone smile when they receive the gift you bought for them is really priceless. And just seeing that smile. could pay all those 100 dollars worth of gift you bought for them.

they were still packing my lugggage around 3am in the morning. which we should have finished packing around 2 days or 1 day ago. cause its already 3am and my grandfather is picking us up at 4am. and i haven’t even started bathing yet. i know right? we were super duper late.

i arrived at the airport around 5am in the morning. we checked in my luggage and we exceeded the maximum weight capacity. so we have to pay extra luggage fee. we exceed around 8 kg. so much right? when the time i have to go inside and board. i kept waving to my parents goodbye… cause i know i will miss them very much…and it will be a long time till we will meet again. i tried to hold back my tears in the airport. but while walking towards my gate number, tears just flow out from my eyes continuosly. i feel like a little boy lost in a really big shopping centre. but i did stop crying afterawhile. so after all the x-ray thingy… i waited for about 30 mins before i board the plane..

in the plane. i tried having a decent sleep. but unfortunately, the lady beside me kept GOING TO THE TOILET! and due to the really small and crampy and narrow sit they have, there wasn’t really enough space for the lady to walk pass me, unless i stand up and move aside and give her space to walk….and if i could remember. she went to the toilet for 5 times…and hello! 3 hours and 40mins flight? 5 times in the toilet? what the heck are you doing before your flight..? drinking up all the water in the swimming pool?..ugh…irritating.so instead of getting myself pissed off, i decided to just play my psp till i landed, of course i did off it when they told me to….i don’t want to jam the airplane communication device.hahas. ok i’m getting bored ..and my blog today is kinda mono…lack of colours…i don’t know…maybe i have to read more books again..i stop reading books a month ago…sigh

so when i arrived in the philippines around 12. the weather was friggin super hot.. i could almost fry an egg on the floor….it’s super duper hot…!!! and then all of a sudden it rained? and then after 1 hour it becomes sunny and hot again! ok weird weather..go figure…


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