April 11, 2008

so i got so hungry last night,and my dinner,curry curry, wasn’t able to make me full..so i decided to go out and eat..i told my dad and my sis to accompany me,since i don’t want to be eating alone. i’ll be like a friggin loner there……

and since it was at gabi(night), my pimples aren’t really obvious and aren’t showing up.. and it is too dark to even notice it…haha…we went there by bicycle as it was rather near to our place….. we went to this malay/indian 24 hour foodcourt which is called kopitiam in Singapore…really good food…

i ate roti prata and drank milo dinosaur. that’s the name of the food. and the mountain roti prata with dairy cream milk and splattered with sugar…. yum yum…and dip it in the hot curry sause…..yum

ok so i don’t really believe in superstitious, a black cat walked passed me, and there’s a saying that when a black cat walks past you. bad luck will come. well, bad luck came nga. bwisit! suddenly after eating my last plate, my dad and my sis were sermoning me, about this and that, about using my money wisely, about my attitude, about my character, how i changed when i got back from the philippines… and i’m like.. what the heck… bad luck nga toh! bwisit… i feel like throwing up all the food i ate…ARgh..i can’t believe i took a picture of that friggin bad luck cat. argh…bwisit…nakaka badtrip…THANK you cat…NAG POST KA PA SA CAMERA KO!! BWISIT KA!

and yes i still managed to finish my food. well just say watching the news sa ABS-CBN. ang dami tao nag hihirap…. ang dami tao nag queue para sa NSA RICE hahas…kawawa… hahhas….buti allergic ako sa rice..di ako kumakain nang kanin eh..hahas


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  1. Nag change ka daw from before? Paano raw?

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