rainy days

May 2, 2008

Finally, it rained. It hasn’t been raining here for a long time already. However, it was only just for 5 mins. Really selfish weather i presumed. I was hoping it would rain for 3 or 2 hours. But no, just 5 mins. tsk.

Have i told you this before? I really adore rainy days. Not only does it cools the surrounding or the environment, it helped me water all the trees,grass and potted plants that is outside my house. So i don’t really have to do the gardening and stuff.

But not only that, whenever i see rain falling down from the sky, it is ” AS IF ” my problems has been washed away while it is raining. I don’t really have a logical explanation for this. But sometimes my imagination could go wild and crazy that sometimes people might not understand what i’m trying to say. I would imagine if i was a cloud, and problems would come to my life. There would be a heavy pain inside me that wishes to be free, be it angst , emotional problem, problems with friends or any type of problems you could possibly think that could affect one’s life or sometimes even one’s health too. And as this problems kept building up. I, being a cloud would create thunder or lighting to express my anger or problems or hatred. Then when the time comes, i, a cloud, would rain all my problems away, the heavier the rain is, the better and faster i would recover. And then i’m new again. Soon, a rainbow will most likely appear. which significe i’m new, i’m fresh and i’m healed. or etc… i told you my imagination is wild and crazy.

But in reality, we just can’t throw or rain our problems away. Because, in the real world, We have to face it. We have to deal with it, we have to keep away from problems that could form in the future. Everyone has problems, whether big or small, we just have to face it. If we run away from our problems. we will just stack up more problems in the future. So next time, stop doing stuff that could create problems. Like doing bad stuff that you would regret later on. It would be better if you do good and God will repay you ten times fold.

You wouldn’t know, maybe helping a preety girl down the streets with her groceries or whatever, God will give you ten more preety girls for you to help hahahas..i’m kidding…hahahas….

For me, seek first the kingdom of God and then he will do the rest.



April 29, 2008

I’ve looked for a pair of helping hands.

But i couldn’t feel them, couldn’t see them.

I only face towards the darkness.

And hear the sounds of my hopeless screams.


sorry! I’m busy!

April 29, 2008

I’m so sorry for not blogging recently. I’m just extremely busy with all the house chores at home. And since I’m living alone now. I have to cook my own meals, wash my clothes, mop and sweep the floor and anything that you could think of related to house hold chores.

I woke up around 10am today, still feeling a little sleepy. However, i can’t get myself to fall back to sleep again. I started cleaning the house around 10.30am. I was really surprised when i looked at the time. I couldn’t believed that i was cleaning the house for 4 hours and 30 mins and still wasn’t tired. I couldn’t believe myself. I used to hate doing house hold chores. But since I’m living alone, i guess i don’t want to see the house really messy. haha i think i will be a good husband one day…

After having lunch, i went back to bed. I woke up around 6pm and it was already pitch dark. had my dinner, and then talk to my dad on msn. tomorrow I’m going out and pay different sorts of bills. Nothing much happened today. Nothing exciting happened too. so there isn’t much to say here. Well so till next time.


Robinsons mall

April 22, 2008

oh gosh….its really HOT today….i can’t stand the blazing hot sun rays that is coming from the sun. and as i say it over and over again, you could actually, literally fry an egg anywhere outdoor with that burning sun.

I wasn’t suppose to go anywhere today. However, what happened was, my dad asked me to do something for him which has got to do something with the bank. And because i don’t know the place here very well, i asked my cousin,gladys, to show me where this bank is. if i could recall, this bank is called BDO.

so having all those required documents ready. I left my house and went to my cousin house first. Then i waited for her to finish changing up and then we are ready to go.

As we are about to go inside the bank, the security guard checked my bag and told me if i have my cellphone inside my bag. And i told him no. although i know somewhere in that messy bag of mine, my cellphone is buried somewhere inside covered up by nonsensical stuff. Then he told me that cellphones aren’t allowed inside the bank. Then i was like. HUH? really? why?… so i didn’t really get to know why? but it doesn’t really matter. cause all i want was to go inside that AIR-CONDITIONED ROOM. BECAUSE ITS SO SO SO SO SO HOT!!!

afterwards me and my cousin decided to go to the nearest mall… inside the mall, we go here and there and everywhere..just to past time. so my cousin got so tired , so we rested at this cafe stall located in the middle of somewhere in that mall.

we both ate baked macaroni, and i ordered vanilla frapo supreme. weird name hahas…I miss starbucks’ greentea frapp. i love THAT. add it with java chips. yum yum. And whip cream added with a dash of vanilla and chocolate powder toppings..double triple yum yum. But unfortunately, there isn’t any star bucks in that mall. sad. all the cafe stall are so un-popular.

well at least the seats are comfortable.

so we rested there for 4 hours dahil ma sarap mag tambay dun dahil malamig . . .and dahil nag psp ako di ko na malayanan ang oras.

so after we finished resting, we went to the bookstore. and saw all the books with good prices. so i bought two books that only cost me 100 pesos. so cheap right… that’s like 3.50 Singapore dollars.

Then i saw this book. hahha pero i didn’t buy it alright.

so after nag shopping kami and window shopping and ikot ikot sa mall. we went home na.

and afterwards i took random photos hahas.

AND yea that’s about it that happened to me today,

oh yeah why the pictures are all cameraphone quality,

well i’m too afraid to bring my dslr outside hahahas.


I moved on. so why now?

April 20, 2008

2 months ago, something bad happened between me and my really close friend. However, how bad it is, that i don’t know.

why? well I’ll tell you why. 3 months ago, i was still communicating with that person really well. we still hanged out together. we do stuff together.chat in the internet…you know the normal social stuff that you do with your friends…. but then, suddenly, out of no particular reason, that so called close friend of mine just stopped talking to me. I don’t know why? i asked that person why he/she is ignoring me. but still no reply. I texted that person, email that person and called up that person. Yet still no reply.

Everyday i was going crazy asking myself why why why? what what what? what did i do wrong? what happen? i kept sending apologetic message to that person although i know that i didn’t do anything wrong. The word why why why kept circling my mind everyday. i was getting more crazier day by day not knowing why that person is not talking to me, and why this person not telling me what i’ve done wrong.

most of the time i would skip my breakfast,lunch and dinner because i don’t have any appetite to eat at all. sometimes i even skip all 3 meals of the day. but still i wasn’t hungry. It seems that that the person had affected me so much. so much that i couldn’t handle myself anymore. sometimes i just wished i could just sleep forever. but i know that, that is just stupid and dumb.

slowly, day by day, i began to accept the fact that the person would never speak to me again. and that person would ignore me for the rest of my life. and that this person had been crossed out from my list of friends. and ate deb told me that to stop asking myself questions about “this and that” , and just tell myself that this person have already fulfilled the purpose in my life and thats it.

Thinks went relatively  well after i moved on. I was able to eat properly again. hang out with my other friends. I believe that time does really heal all wounds. no matter how hard it can possibly be.

ok so now you already know that i’ve moved on. so what is this why now for?

well after moving on. after healing all wounds. after returning back to normal. This person , out of the blue moon IM(instant message) me. However, without greeting me or whatever. That person just told me straight forwardly that he/she needed my help. Well before saying yes to that person request, i think throughly before i gave that person my response. i wanted to say yes. but i know after helping that person i’ll be out of that person life again. i’ll just be used. well i told ate deb about my situation. well she told me that, i should just stop talking to that person, they are just being pathetic. I should be strong and just don’t talk to him/her….

well then this friend of mine, without saying yes to his/her request, already gave me a deadline. That’s just wrong!.. so i told that person. you know i waited for a reply for 2 months. i waited for anything that could from you within that 2 months. But now after i moved on. you need my help? oh come on. why choose me? don’t you have other friends besides me? well here’s what I’m going to tell you, Wait after two years later. you know the saying. all your hard work will be paid ten times fold. well you did a very good job for not talking to me for that 2 months. well congratulation! you have to wait after 2 years for my help!

well after that, i felt so light. i felt so free again….and that’s it.

you are CROSSED OUT FROM MY LIST OF FRIENDs! you know who you are…so now you are a NOBODY and a LOZER to me. GOODBYE and GOODNIGT!


my flight

April 20, 2008

well before i left Singapore, i bought my mommy an advance birthday gift. Because i know i won’t be there for her birthday in Singapore. The gift I gave her was a really medium to large size dog soft toy. Its really very adorable and very expencive. Oh and of course i never left out my dad. I bought him an addidas water bottle for him to use when he goes to work. You know, just seeing someone smile when they receive the gift you bought for them is really priceless. And just seeing that smile. could pay all those 100 dollars worth of gift you bought for them.

they were still packing my lugggage around 3am in the morning. which we should have finished packing around 2 days or 1 day ago. cause its already 3am and my grandfather is picking us up at 4am. and i haven’t even started bathing yet. i know right? we were super duper late.

i arrived at the airport around 5am in the morning. we checked in my luggage and we exceeded the maximum weight capacity. so we have to pay extra luggage fee. we exceed around 8 kg. so much right? when the time i have to go inside and board. i kept waving to my parents goodbye… cause i know i will miss them very much…and it will be a long time till we will meet again. i tried to hold back my tears in the airport. but while walking towards my gate number, tears just flow out from my eyes continuosly. i feel like a little boy lost in a really big shopping centre. but i did stop crying afterawhile. so after all the x-ray thingy… i waited for about 30 mins before i board the plane..

in the plane. i tried having a decent sleep. but unfortunately, the lady beside me kept GOING TO THE TOILET! and due to the really small and crampy and narrow sit they have, there wasn’t really enough space for the lady to walk pass me, unless i stand up and move aside and give her space to walk….and if i could remember. she went to the toilet for 5 times…and hello! 3 hours and 40mins flight? 5 times in the toilet? what the heck are you doing before your flight..? drinking up all the water in the swimming pool?..ugh…irritating.so instead of getting myself pissed off, i decided to just play my psp till i landed, of course i did off it when they told me to….i don’t want to jam the airplane communication device.hahas. ok i’m getting bored ..and my blog today is kinda mono…lack of colours…i don’t know…maybe i have to read more books again..i stop reading books a month ago…sigh

so when i arrived in the philippines around 12. the weather was friggin super hot.. i could almost fry an egg on the floor….it’s super duper hot…!!! and then all of a sudden it rained? and then after 1 hour it becomes sunny and hot again! ok weird weather..go figure…



April 11, 2008

so i got so hungry last night,and my dinner,curry curry, wasn’t able to make me full..so i decided to go out and eat..i told my dad and my sis to accompany me,since i don’t want to be eating alone. i’ll be like a friggin loner there……

and since it was at gabi(night), my pimples aren’t really obvious and aren’t showing up.. and it is too dark to even notice it…haha…we went there by bicycle as it was rather near to our place….. we went to this malay/indian 24 hour foodcourt which is called kopitiam in Singapore…really good food…

i ate roti prata and drank milo dinosaur. that’s the name of the food. and the mountain roti prata with dairy cream milk and splattered with sugar…. yum yum…and dip it in the hot curry sause…..yum

ok so i don’t really believe in superstitious, a black cat walked passed me, and there’s a saying that when a black cat walks past you. bad luck will come. well, bad luck came nga. bwisit! suddenly after eating my last plate, my dad and my sis were sermoning me, about this and that, about using my money wisely, about my attitude, about my character, how i changed when i got back from the philippines… and i’m like.. what the heck… bad luck nga toh! bwisit… i feel like throwing up all the food i ate…ARgh..i can’t believe i took a picture of that friggin bad luck cat. argh…bwisit…nakaka badtrip…THANK you cat…NAG POST KA PA SA CAMERA KO!! BWISIT KA!

and yes i still managed to finish my food. well just say watching the news sa ABS-CBN. ang dami tao nag hihirap…. ang dami tao nag queue para sa NSA RICE hahas…kawawa… hahhas….buti allergic ako sa rice..di ako kumakain nang kanin eh..hahas